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BENSULIN Clinical Study results.

The effect of a proprietary blend of Nucleotides, formulated with a unique strain of the probiotic Lactobacillus reuteri, as a dietary supplement on incretin-mediated beta-cell function in individuals with impaired glucose homeostasis. 

Methodology: Male and Female adult volunteers with IGH or Type 2 Diabetes were provided with a dietary supplement powder composed of Nucleotides plus L. reuteri. The participants took a daily “therapeutic dose” of 500mg of this formula for not less than 60 days.   The clinical medical team periodically assessed and specifically documented the FSB and A1C levels of all participants as per recommended schedule by appointment.   Progress logs became a part of the participants medical chart for assessment by the medical team. Subjects began the protocol immediately after signing letters of consent. 

1. Trial participants ranged from age 18-70
2. No special diet, nutrition or exercise during study study
3. Blood labs to qualify for study:  A1C-less than 6.5 or greater than 8.0   BMI>30 
4. No history of cancer, liver or kidney problems 
Total Number of participants: 25 
Total participants who completed the trial as per protocol: 15

Bensulin Tri-Fold Brochure