Florida Massage Therapy Energy Work-Module 1

Florida Massage Therapy Energy Work-Module 1

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Florida Massage Therapy Energy Work-Module 1

Acupressure Point Assesment Correlated with Muscle Pressure Point Therapy and Microcurrent Therapy.


Course Details:

Date: April 13, 2019
Cost: $149.00 USD
Time: 9:00am - 4:00 PM
Instructor: Dr. Michael Epitropolus, D.C. PH D
Registration Phone # 386.274.2520
Location: Hampton Inn, 155 Interchange Blvd, Ormond Beach, FL. 32174 Call for discounted room reservations 386.677.6999 (mention Seminar Attendee) 

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 Course Description:

In this course I use the assessment of master acupressure points on the fingers and toes to identify meridian blockages to specific body systems and then correlate that with specific Muscle pressure points and as well as treat those points with a hand held microcurrent device. For example I will teach the therapist to be able to asses for meridian blockage to body systems such as the lymphatics, colon, adrenals, thyroid, etc and then correlate those findings with the specific Muscle pressure points that would be indicated by those meridian blockages with a hand held microcurrent devices. This lends itself well to the therapist who wants to add a Energy Work to their practice. In less the 5 minutes the therapist would know which systems to work on using the Mighty Mini microcurrent device as well as which points to activate for the specifically correlated muscle groups.

Learning Objectives-This is a system of Analysis and Treatment using Master Acupresure points, muscle reflex points and Microcurrent Technology. Provides an efficient energy analysis and treatment protocol to an existing massage therapy practice.

Breakdown of Class Time for Energy Work Seminar

9am-12pm-Introduction to Microcurrent including the science behind it and clinical applications. Overview of Master Acupresure points on fingers and toes and the specific organs systems and muscles associated. Correlation of Specific Energy Therapy with those muscle systems as well as the use of the Mighty Mini Microcurrent therapy on those acupressure points.

1 hr for Lunch-12pm -1pm: Included in price
Greek Salad, Spinach Pies (Spanokopita) and Hummus.

1pm-4pm Case Studies on how to implement this Analysis and Treatment System. How to charge for this Analysis and Treatment System and How to Market It within the the Massage Therapy Practice. Overview how to use this System for Effective Pain Management.

Course Lecture Syllabus - Module 1