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Treats with Benefits are soft-chew dog treats featuring individual formulas blended to provide nutritional support for certain maladies and conditions common to canines. All formulas contain PSB Complex to help maximize efficacy and benefit.

The primary active ingredients of PSB Complex are

Purified RNA (Oligonucleotides)
Purified Nucleotides (Nucleosides)

    These components play an important role in the structural, metabolic and energetic functions of cells which results in increased overall resistance and improved performance.

    About PBS Complex

     PSB Complex is a scientifically proven, proprietary product composed of readily available, balanced and purified nucleotides. The specific formulation of nucleotides in PSB Complex is of central importance and ensures superior effects on

        Gut epithelial cells
        Uptake of nutrients
        Immune system
        Wound healing
        Muscle formation
        Liver function
        Energy turnover (ATP)
        Bone formation
        Healthy growth

      Over 15 Years of Research Demonstrates the Efficacy of PSB Complex. Benefits include:

      Helps pets ability to recover more rapidly after strenous exercise or an athletic performance.
      Heal more rapidly from surgery, a wound or fracture and be healthier under unusual stress or activity.
      The pet's natural immune response will be enhanced to efficiently protect and maintain its health and well being.
      Young pets will be healthier, develop and grow properly, and have excellent energy.
      Older and cachectic pets recover their vitality and be active, energetic, and more playful for a significantly longer time.

        PSB Complex is a proprietary ingredient that contains purified RNA (oligonucleotides) and purified nucleotides (nucleosides).  Nucleotides play a critical role in the body in that they accelerate the cell proliferation process (the reproduction of cells).  The production of new cells allows an animal to recover much quicker from the type of stress it is under (performance, illness, disease, injury, etc.).  Red blood cells, white blood cells, and muscle cells, are just three of the over 250 different types of cells in the body.   

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        PSB Complex for Dogs

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