Endocrine Forte Defense

All-In-One' Support for the entire Endocrine system.

You will feel the difference!

 The Endocrine system and it's glands are responsible for producing the hormones that help regulate all body functions and processes.

 Everything should work in balance with each other.

 Hormones affect your metabolism rate, which may affect how fast or slow your brain, heart, muscles, liver, and other parts of your body work.

 If the Endocrine system works too fast or too slow, you won't feel well. For example, if you don't have enough of a certain hormone, you may start to develop the symptoms listed in the questionnaire below.

Endocrine Forte Support is an ADAPTOGEN which is formulated to assist and 'balance' the weak link in your health.

Endocrine Forte Defense

Endocrine Imbalance Symptoms

Check which apply to you


____ Acne

____ Allergies

____ Anxiety

____ Chemical Sensitivities

____ Cold All the Time

____ Constipation

____ Depression

____ Dry Skin

____ Cholesterol, High

____ Endometriosis

____ Eczema

____ Fatigue Morning

____ Fatigue Midday

____ Gum Disease

____ Hair Loss, Excessive

____ Infections

____ Infertility

____ Irregular Periods

____ Low Sex Drive

____ Menopause Excessive

____ Memory Lapse

____ Muscle/Joint Pains

____ Nails Cracked

____ Overweight

____ Ovarian Cysts

____ PMS

____ Sweet / Salty Cravings

____ Waking at Night

3 or More = Imbalance


What is an Adaptogen?

To qualify as an adaptogen, a product must be completely safe and non-toxic. It must have broad uses for health, and it must specifically reduce the stress on an organ or gland as well as help it work in a balanced manner. To put it simply, Adaptogens help you adapt. This formula of Endocrine Forte Defense homeopathic appears to give improved balance to the entire system and have shown significant adaptogenic activity.


Is this safe to use?

The formula and ingredients that are used for the Endocrine Forte Defense are of the highest quality. One can safely use this product without fear of over-medication. Results may be noticed even during the same day or for the majority, after several doses are taken.


What may this do for me?

The goal is not to 'cure' a disease, but to help the body to work at it's optimal potential. Everyone is at a different point in their life, how old you are, has one abused themselves with drugs, been exposed to chemicals, pollution of various kinds, hazardous materials, smoking, genetic weakness and an endless list of things that place a burden on the entire body.


But... When you give the body what it needs to be able to operate at its best it can be in all situations balancing and strengthen the vital systems of the body and relieve stress on them.

 This in turn literally makes life better!

 No medical claims are made with this product. If you are sick or have health problems, seek the direction of the proper licensed medical professionals.

 Not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease.


Symptoms of Endocrine Imbalance

Fatigued in the Morning, Poor/Cracked Nails, Falling Hair, Cold or Hot all the Time, Acne, Constipation, Dry Skin, Muscle/Joint Pain, Trouble Losing Weight, Chronic Infections, Memory Lapse, High Cholesterol, Infertility, Irregular Periods, Low Sex Drive, Severe PMS, Depression, Anxiety, Waking up at Night, Food Cravings, Allergies, Endometriosis, Gum Disease, Eczema, Ovarian Cysts. (short list)


What can be done for the Endocrine system?

Prescription Medications can treat symptoms. However, they are often only doing just that, treating the symptoms and covering over the actual cause of the un-balance. Of course, one should talk with their doctor about the side effects that may come with the use of powerful drugs, one could possibly trade-off one set of problems for another.


What else can be done to help?

Millions have been helped with an alternative that has been used for well over 100 years.

 It is called Homeopathy

 Homeopathic medicine has been, is, and will continue to be the most important tool of holistic treatment. These remedies are free of side effects, and the many healthful benefits are quick, defined, and total to the mind, body and spirit.

 Endocrine Forte Defense is a Homeopathic blend of Sarcodes to support and strengthen: Adrenals, Thyroid, Thymus, Pituitary, Pineal, Hypothalamus, Pancreas, and combined with these Botanicals that have shown to be strengthening agents: (Avena Sativa, Sarsaparilla, Varatrum Album, Germanium) potencies of 3X-24X; Demineralized water 20% Ethanol


Dosage: Adults, One dropper full, 1-3 x day, directly on tongue or in water before meals. First dose in morning; Second at noon time; Third before retiring.


Physician Formulated H. Reckeweg - Lot:125788 Micro-Essence, Atlanta GA.

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