Weight Loss

Formulated by Dr Michael Epitropoulos, this homeopathic remedy stablizies the different body systems that are involved in weight gain:

1. Kidney/Bladder
 This homeopathic remedy stablizie the different body systems that are involved in weight gain:

2. Thyroid/Adrenal

3. Detox

4. Blood Sugar

Essential Weight Loss

This formula will help to stabilize the above systems as well as reduce cravings for starches and reduce appetite.

 It works best when taken with our Endocrine Defense Forte Supplement.

 Dr Epitropoulos is the only doctor in the U.S. to have this Essential Weight Loss formula. This homeopathic remedy is a unique plant based solution that acts to stabilize your blood sugar, act as a natural diuretic, detoxify the liver and rejuvenate your endocrine system especially your thyroid and adrenals. These are all the causes of weight gain and this formula assists in improving your metabolism, suppresses your appetite and increases your energy. You will lose weight and keep it off.


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